Degen Ape Club

Get to know PixelSweeper Community Vote Nominee: Degen Ape Club

# Degen Ape Club: an Introduction

5,555 Original and 5,555 Mutated Pixelated Degen Apes brought to you on the Binance Smart Chain. Over 1,500 Holders and over 2,400 BNB Volume Traded, Degen Ape Club is one of the top NFTs out there on the BSC Network.

# PixelSweeper Community Vote

Degen Ape Club has been nominated by the PixelSweeper community for the chance to have their floor swept (opens new window) from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper.

The vote opens on Jun 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you need to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at (opens new window)

# Degen Ape Club Inspiration

Degen Ape Club was inspired by Bored Ape Yacht club, bringing you original, pixelated apes on the ever growing BNB Chain ecosystem.

# Utility

The team at DAC is currently exploring different ways of introducing more value to investors and current holders. We are always listening open to ideas that the community has for growth long term.

# Rarity and Ranking

We have learned over the project's lifetime that rarity does not decide value, the buyer does.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

The founder of Degen Ape Club, decided to make the BNB Chain their stay because there was not yet a derivative project that they were aware of, and they had found an amazing pixel artist that they hired to be a part of their team. They say that it felt like they belonged here and in the last few months it continues to still feel that way.

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# Marketplace

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