Doodle Apes

Get to know PixelSweeper Community Vote Nominee: Doodle Apes

# Doodle Apes: an Introduction

A derivative inspired by but not associated with Doodles and BAYC.

# PixelSweeper Community Vote

Doodle Apes have been nominated by the PixelSweeper community for the chance to have their floor swept (opens new window) from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper.

The vote opens on Jun 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you need to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at (opens new window)

# Doodle Apes Inspiration

Inspired by rainbows, Doodles, and BAYC. This collection aims to give you a release of serotonin.

# Utility

Work in progress. They are looking at giving WL to OG dape holders for discounted presale of mommy dapes. Also, Another project Apes Mania is looking to give a 1:1 3D airdrop. The intention behind mommy dapes is to breed them with OG dapes to get baby dapes.

# Rarity and Ranking

Rarity impacts price and look, as traits such as rainbow traits are not as common and look cooler.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Size of network, ease of use, and reasonable gas fees.

# Official Website (opens new window)

# Twitter (opens new window)

# Telegram (opens new window)

# Marketplace

Rareboard (opens new window)