Get to know PixelSweeper Community Vote Nominee: Oddblox

# Oddblox: an Introduction

Oddblox is a fully on-chain generative art series. A verifiably random hash generates on mint and serves as the DNA of the piece. This coded strand gives birth to the shapes and colors that make up the composition. The image is stored in an infinitely scalable form and forever lives on the blockchain.

# PixelSweeper Community Vote

Oddblox have been nominated by the PixelSweeper community for the chance to have their floor swept (opens new window) from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper.

The vote opens on Jun 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you need to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at pixelsweeper.com (opens new window)

# Oddblox Inspiration

Simply put, the desire to have the art live beyond the lifespan of the creator. Traditional art is subjected to elements that can degrade or erode.

Digital art is susceptible to data corruption or hard drive failure. Art stored on the blockchain is permanent in a world of impermanence.

# Utility

The core utility off Oddblox is ownership of the art. The image is encoded and stored inside the token, meaning as long as you hold the token you own the art.

Ownership of the art means full commercial licensing to do with as you wish. Longevity is often promised, they delivered it the moment you clicked "mint."

# Rarity and Ranking

Each piece is unique and possesses rarity traits, though these traits do not directly determine the visual appeal of each piece. Rarity is coded into the contract but is largely subjective on behalf of the viewer.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Many chains have art-focused collections and platforms, yet none existed on the BNB Chain. The team knew it was fertile soil to deliver something unique and true to what they value.

# Official Website

oddblox.io (opens new window)

# Twitter

twitter.com/oddbloxNFT (opens new window)

# Telegram

t.me/oddblox (opens new window)

# Marketplace

Rareboard (opens new window)