Retro Boyz Association

Get to know PixelSweeper Community Vote Nominee: Retro Boyz

# Retro Boyz: an Introduction

The Boyz who live on Binance Smart Chain and waiting to find new home. Collection, where part of the income is redistributed to holders through giveaway or reinvested to marketing and development.

# PixelSweeper Community Vote

Retro Boyz have been nominated by the PixelSweeper community for the chance to have their floor swept (opens new window) from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper.

The vote opens on Jun 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you need to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at (opens new window)

# Retro Boyz Inspiration

Inspired by Disney movies and a passion to learn everything new, Retro Boyz was launched as an experiment but grew into real project with a big community and some innovative features.

# Utility

PFP collection, with reflections from upcoming Pills phase and side collections. As well as their own NFT "gambling" platform and big plans ahead after Pills phase (transforming your tokens into new art).

# Rarity and Ranking

Rarity Score from Rareboard (opens new window) is official rarity ranking for Retro Boyz

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

BNB is always was and will be home.

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# Marketplace

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