Introducing: Rareboard Mint Pass

Learn about Rareboard Mint Pass, a way to get in early to the best collections on BNB Chain.

# Introducing: Rareboard Mint Pass

Our goal at Rareboard is to listen to the NFT community and learn what they want and need. Every feature and improvement since we launched in October 2021 has been to create a better collecting, minting and trading experience.

Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator, where you can already see listings from ten different marketplaces, and mint from more than 25 collections; with 1500+ BNB spent via Mint on Rareboard since March.

Rareboard is also a Rarity Dashboard, meaning you can get up to the second rarity and price data for the collections we list. There has already been more than $11M of trading volume via Rareboard with our users finding the best deals and executing them quickly via our platform.

One thing that we know project founders are looking for, is a way to encourage diamond hand collectors to mint their NFTs. We’ve seen some really good work from projects like PixelSweeper (opens new window), and lately Planet Zuud, to partner with our popular collections in the space and offer WL spots to the top holders and stakers.

With Rareboard Mint Pass, we will be able to let Rareboard’s most active users have the same advantage.

# What is Rareboard Mint Pass?

The Rareboard Mint Pass is an opportunity for the most active users of Rareboard to access the WL of promising projects on BNB Chain.

Rareboard activity is currently measured in how much you Buy, Mint or Accept Bid Offers via Rareboard (opens new window). Once we make it possible for you to place Bids directly on Rareboard, then these will count as well if your Bid is accepted.

We use on-chain data to see who is using Rareboard the most, and you can see on the leaderboard at (opens new window) where you are in the rankings. It includes any Rareboard activity you made in the past as well.

# How does Rareboard Mint Pass work?

Collections will decide how many WL spots they want to give for the Rareboard Mint Pass for each mint. They will also decide whether they want to give the Mint Passes randomly to every Rareboard user, or whether they want to pick a certain group of Rareboard users: it could be those who have the highest Mint Volume, or those who have the highest Buy Volume, or a combination of both.

Those wallets that have a Mint Pass for a certain collection will be able to Mint on Rareboard during the regular WL period of that collection. You will only be able to use your Mint Pass on Rareboard itself, and if you have other WL spots for the same collection, you will be able to mint those on Rareboard too or via the collections own website.

Typically collections have a WL period of 24-72 hours, so it will be important that you keep up to date with your Mint Pass opportunities. We’re working on a Drop Calendar on Rareboard for BNB Chain NFTs, and once this is live it will be even easier for you to know what you are eligible for.

# Are there any other advantages to using Rareboard?

When you buy an NFT with the Rareboard Buy button, or mint an NFT with Mint on Rareboard there is no additional cost to you as a buyer. If you an accept a Bid on Rareboard there is also no additional fee for you as a seller.

With that in mind, it makes sense to use Rareboard a for a few reasons:

  1. Rareboard is often more up to date than other marketplaces as we don’t suffer from any Subgraph issues. That means you can be the first to see a deal on Rareboard that you can Buy before others might even have it show up on the regular marketplaces.
  2. You can use our Rarity Filters and notifications to be alerted when NFTs in your price range or with the traits you are most looking for become available. This can save you a lot of effort once you understand the true power of the Rareboard platform
  3. Using Rareboard is a simple way to support the work we are doing to provide the BNB Chain NFT community with these tools..

Added to that, Rareboard currently uses 50% of its revenue to sweep PixelSweepers. PixelSweeper (opens new window) itself is a project that helps out other collections in the space through sweeping from its revenue. So all of the activity on Rareboard trickles down to additional sweeping.

The PixelSweepers that Rareboard sweeps will be given away as prizes to Rareboard users. So as well as increasing your standing on the Rareboard leaderboard - and the future Mint Passes this could make you eligible for - you are also giving your self the chance to win a Sweeper.

Happy Minting.