Cryptobot 3D

Get to know Mint on Rareboard Collection: Cryptobot 3D

# Cryptobot 3D

Cryptobots 3D are a collection of 200 handmade 3D NFTs that travel on the BNB chain.

# Mint on Rareboard

Cryptobot 3D will be available to Mint on Rareboard from June 25, with a mint price of Public Mint Price, 0.5 BNB.

2.5% of all volume for Cryptobot mints on Rareboard will be used to sweep the PixelSweeper floor.

PixelSweeper (opens new window) is a collection of 10,000 robots, created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders

# Cryptobot 3D Inspiration

The Cryptobot collection was born from an idea of ​​Deep_Soul and their partner Neko_BSC to create an NFT collection that would involve the community as much as possible.

The collection is limited to 200 handmade 3D NFTs with references to other collections from the BSC world and to some characters from the world of Star Wars.

# Utility

50% of the secondary sales and 30% of the mint sale will be placed in a Wallet and will become the treasure of the owners. With weekly or monthly surveys, we will decide how to use the treasury.

They will invest in other NFT projects, put part of the proceeds in a Pool or decide to distribute the money to the Holders. Furthermore, everything will be stored in a wallet that the community can consult at any time.

# Rarity and Ranking

The collection being completely handmade will have different degrees of rarity. Each Cryptobot is different from another. There will be 3 legendary who will have the particularity of being 3D models with animations.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

I chose the BNB chain for my collection mainly for the close-knit community.

Furthermore, the fees are among the lowest ever.

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