WalkN App NFT Sneakers

Get to know Rareboard Exclusive: Walkn NFT Sneakers

# Introducing: Walkn NFT Sneakers

888 Introductory NFT Sneakers Collection by WalkN App, a M2E project. Each NFT receives a share of a specific revenue stream of WalkN App.

# Mint Walkn Sneakers on Rareboard

Walkn NFT Sneakers will be available to exclusively Mint on Rareboard from July 7, at 14:00 UTC:

  • Jul 7, 14:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC For WL
  • Jul 7, 17:00 UTC - Jul 9, 15:00 UTC For Public Mint

1% of the volume of all mints will be used by Rareboard to sweep the PixelSweeper floor, as Walkn is minting exclusively on Rareboard.

PixelSweeper (opens new window) is a collection of 10,000 robots, that were created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.

# Rareboard Mint Pass WL Access

Walkn have given 300 WL spots via Rareboard Mint Pass to the top 300 users on Rareboard.

You can see where you are on the Rareboard Mint Pass leaderboard here (opens new window).

# Walkn Inspiration

WalkN App is a Move2Earn project and app users need to have an NFT in order to earn rewards in the app. Thus, WalkN NFTs become the core of its ecosystem. In order to appreciate our early supporters as well as to get wider exposure to our app, we decided to announce WalkN App Introductory NFT Sneakers collection where a total of 4444 NFTs will be on sale at a discounted price.

Each NFT in the collection is linked to a specific revenue stream of WalkN App as well as receives a specific number of $WALKN tokens to reward its early adopters. WalkN App team is super excited to bring onboard its supporters through NFTs while enabling the NFT holders to receive share of its overall revenue.

# Utility

  • A user must have an NFT (walker/jogger/runner/trainer) in order to earn rewards in the app by moving
  • NFT holders will receive share of WalkN App’s revenue generated through various activities
  • NFT holders will get early access to WalkN App Badges which gets special rewards within the app at different levels

# Rarity and Ranking

Rarity would impact how many in-app tokens, $STEPS, a user can earn with the same energy and speed as others at the same level. The rarer your NFT, the higher income is generated by moving using WalkN App.

Number of traits are the key factor/method to rank these NFTs, in addition to the default parameters.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Our project is developed on BNB Chain because of its user base, usage easiness, and the overall ecosystem to support new projects. BNB chain is a proven and test blockchain to build great products by leveraging what it has to offer in terms of speed, easiness and userbase.

# Website

walkn.app (opens new window)

# Twitter

twitter.com/WalkN_app (opens new window)

# Telegram

t.me/walknapp (opens new window)

# Discord

discord.gg/djmcxdRyHs (opens new window)