Honey Shots

Get to know Mint on Rareboard: Honey Shots

# Honey Shots : an Introduction

Honey Shots is the most delicious NFT collection gives you access to the Fancy Bears family (opens new window) and enables you to gain cool benefits. We will sweep floors of BNB blue chip NFTs, Fancy Bears, and Otherside. Become the holder to join the biggest NFT raffle. Honey Shots is the best way to join the Fancy community if you don't own a Bear yet.

This will allow you to gain some future Fancy Bears and TraitSwap benefits like access to purchase tickets to events, generic merch, or TraitSwap mints. Cash raised on Honey Shots will be used to sweep the floor of FBM and top Binance NFTs to be then redistributed back to the community.

Well, we’ve got plenty of prizes waiting for the Honey lovers! BOTTOMS UP!

# Mint Honey Shots on Rareboard

Honey Shots will be available to Mint and Trade on Rareboard (opens new window) the 17th august at 16:00 UTC for 0.16 BNB per NFT

1.25% of the volume for all Honey Shots minted on Rareboard (opens new window) will be used to sweep the PixelSweeper floor.

PixelSweeper (opens new window)is a collection of 10,000 robots, created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders

Rareboard (opens new window) is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator that lets you find and buy the best NFTs from multiple marketplaces at no extra cost than buying direct on those sites.

Currently 25% of all revenue generated by Rareboard is being used to sweep PixelSweepers. That means you can support the PixelSweeper floor by minting and buying NFTs via rareboard.com (opens new window), at no extra cost to you

# Honey Shots Inspiration

Our main goal is to revive the whole NFT community during the bear market and make probably the biggest cross-chain collaboration with our partners - Binance and Rareboard. It is a perfect way to take the first steps into NFTs, be part of Web3. We will sweep floors of the best NFT project on the BNB Chain, Fancy Bears, and Otherside. The only way to take participant in our project is to get a whitelist which we give away in different ways. Some spots we give our partners.

# Honey Shots Utility

By buying a Honey Shot you can get a Fancy Bear, Traits or one of the best NFTs on the BNB chain. It doesn't cost too much but enables you to gain coll benefits. The biggest cross-chain collaboration is coming!

# Rarity and Ranking

Honey Shots have four types of rarity

Each rarity level gives a different probability of winning NFTs from projects that partnered with us. Be sure to get more than one to increase your chances of winning those awesome prizes.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

In our opinion, BNB Chain is the perfect blockchain to start a cross-chain partnership. For a long time, we followed the biggest NFT projects on the Binance Marketplace, it was clear decision to start collaboration with them.

# Official Website

honeyshots.fancybearsmetaverse.com (opens new window)

# Twitter

twitter.com/FancyBearsMeta (opens new window)

# Telegram

t.me/fancyBears (opens new window)

# Discord

discord.com/fancybearsmetaverse (opens new window)

# Marketplace