Little Cloud

Get to know Mint on Rareboard Collection: Little Cloud

# Introducing: Little Cloud

This Little cloud is flying to you in order to save and surprise this big crypto world.

The cloud has the following goals:

1. Help the crypto world.

2. To envelop you in love.

3. And most importantly, to help many good people in need.

# Mint Little Cloud on Rareboard

1500 Little Clouds are available for the mint.

The mint will start on August 1, at 14:00 UTC.

1% of the volume of all mints on Rareboard will be used by Rareboard to sweep the PixelSweeper floor, as Little Cloud is minting exclusively on Rareboard

PixelSweeper (opens new window) is a collection of 10,000 robots, that were created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.

# Little Cloud Inspiration

Two people from their team work in an orphanage and a charitable foundation. Actually, the inspiration for the collection was the children who drew the cute Little Cloud.

After that, they created this collection to bring goodness to this world.

# Collection Utility

Project Goals:

1. Part of the funds is planned to be directed to the development of children and people in need and help them. We want to draw the attention of society to this issue of good deeds and helping those in need.

2. The second part of the funds will go to the development of the project and bonuses for holders.

Benefits of owning Little Cloud:

1. You contribute to a bright, kind future and help people in need!

2. All good and good deeds return like a boomerang: therefore, 20% of the collected funds after the complete sale of the NFT will be distributed among the holders of 5 or more NFTs of Little Cloud.

3. As we partner with RareBoard, after every 150 Little Clouds redeemed, we will redeem and raffle NFT PixelSweepers among Cloud holders.

4. You get into your own possession a beautiful and cute Little Cloud, created with a soul, among the holders of which additional rewards and special invitations will be distributed in the future.

# Rarity and Ranking

All of our Little Clouds are unique and beautiful in their own way.

However, they are still distinguished by attributes that have different rarity. Try to find and get the rarest cloud

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Our Little Cloud has decided that BNB Chain is the best place to take him. Because there is a special community here: kind, friendly, bright and ready to help others. This is just the right place for our project.

When good and great deeds come together, something beautiful is born!

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