Smart Chain Maritime Society

Get to know Mint on Rareboard: Smart Chain Maritime Society

# Smart Chain Maritime Society: an Introduction

A collection of 4960 sea creatures based on how analysers compare BTC holders to marine species.

# Mint Smart Chain Maritime Society on Rareboard

Smart Chain Maritime Society will be available to mint on rareboard the :

  • 2 September 16:00 UTC : WL Sale - 0.122 BNB
  • 3 September 16:00 UTC : Public Sale - 0.16 BNB

1.25% of the volume for all Bitmen minted on Rareboard (opens new window) will be used to sweep the PixelSweeper floor.

PixelSweeper (opens new window)is a collection of 10,000 robots, created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders

Rareboard (opens new window) is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator that lets you find and buy the best NFTs from multiple marketplaces at no extra cost than buying direct on those sites.

Currently 25% of all revenue generated by Rareboard is being used to sweep PixelSweepers. That means you can support the PixelSweeper floor by minting and buying NFTs via (opens new window), at no extra cost to you

# Smart Chain Maritime Society Inspiration

The Glassnode chart that shows Bitcoin distributions across different wallet sizes and referring to these types of holders as either Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whale or Humpback. We had always heard people talking about Whales and Shrimps etc and we thought making all 8 species into a single NFT collection would be different.

# Smart Chain Maritime Society Utility

The vast majority of the funds will be set aside for the BNB Growth Fund, around 70% at WL price will be utilized in staking pools, The rewards from these funds will be split mainly to fund NFT airdrops to holders, these will be random with the exception of all 1:1’s to be guaranteed an airdrop a month. The NFT’s may be minted or purchased from the secondary market and draws will be weekly.The Mariners Wallet will be to benefit the holders via raffles, competitions and host the community “NFT Treasure Chest”

# Rarity and Ranking

The 12 1:1 designs are the rarest, with the rest of the collection being ranked using RS.

There are the following amount of variants per trait category:

  • Backgrounds x 10
  • Species x 7 (Excluding Humpbacks and Customs)
  • Skins x 12
  • Body Prop x 10
  • Head Prop x 10
  • Eyes x 12
  • Mouth x 11

Using all traits across 7 different species, the percentages are roughly the same within each species, so if there is for example a 5% chance of laser eyes, this would be 5% of Shrimp, 5% of Crabs, Etc, Etc

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Although we had played around with NFT’s on Ethereum a few years back, our interest wasn’t sparked until we found the BNB Community around a year ago, the space was non-toxic and friendly, after saying GM on Telegram daily for this time it just feels like home with low gas fees, great infrastructure and a friendly community.

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