New and Improved UI/UX for Rareboard

Check out the improved UI and UX of Rareboard

The Rareboard design and dev team having been working hard to bring you a new and improved UI and UX for the Rareboard platform.

This article will highlight some of the new features and changes so that you can start to navigate the site. We'll also reveal some of the upcoming features for Rareboard at the end of this article.

# New Home Page

The new home page lets new users land a little more gently than the old site. There's a short description for what Rareboard actually is: an NFT Marketplace Aggregator. As well as graphics from some of the recent largest NFT purchases on BNB Chain.

The Trending Now (opens new window) section allows you to browse through the 600+ BNB Chain NFT collections that we have now indexed. That's a step up from the 100 collections we used to show on the site.

In the Trending Now section on the home page, you can filter the data to:

  • 30d (30 Days)
  • 7d (7 Days)
  • 24hrs (24 Hours)

You can also filter the collections by:

  • On Rareboard
  • Collectibles
  • GameFi
  • Earn

On Rareboard is the default, and this selection shows you only the collections that you can currently trade via our aggregator.

Now that we have indexed the data for more collections, and more marketplaces, we will start to increase the number of collections you can actively trade on Rareboard too.

You can also switch the currency from BNB to Dollars, and use the Search Bar to quickly find the collection you are looking for.

If the collection is listed on Rareboard, simply click on the name of the collection to open its page.

# New Collections Page

The new collections page (opens new window) is a lot more streamlined and compact. Meaning you can start looking for the NFT you want to buy with a lot less scrolling and clicking around.

We moved the filters to the left hand panel, and removed the banner image. The floor chart can now be found under the Analytics tab, which is where - in the future - you will be able to find rich analysis of each collection.

# Traditional List View

The traditional Rareboard list view is currently the default when you reach the collections page. This view allows you to see traits and rarity alongside the NFTs, as well as all the actions such as Buy, Bid and Sell when you want to accept offers.

# New Grid View

The new Grid View lets you focus on the NFT images, whilst still having access to the buy and bid features.

In the near future we will be adding individual pages for each NFT in the collections we support, so that you will be able to see a larger image of each NFT, and interact with it from its own page.

# Mobile Views

We've also put a lot of work into making sure Rareboard works well on smaller screens. We've removed the need to side scroll on any page, and we've changed the placement of the filter functions.

It might take a little getting used to, but we're already pleased with the community feedback on these changes.

The changes also mean that Rareboard is working better in the Trust Wallet and Meta Mask mobile apps. It's important that you force your mobile wallet into updating to the new version. If you still see the old version and you are finding the site slow, then try to refresh the page a few times and if that doesn't work, close out all your tabs and empty the cache.

# What's Next for Rareboard?

As we head toward Q4 2022, it's worth reflecting on how far Rareboard has come in the first half of the year.

We've introduced Minting, Bidding and Shielded Bids in the past few months and this has led to our continuous growth both in terms of volume and new users.

We surpassed $13,000,000 in total volume, with over 5000 BNB in mint volume alone.

We were also selected for the Binance MVB Accelerator and are still benefiting from the program. We've learnt a lot from the mentors on the course, as well as our fellow projects that are participating.

In the next month or so we will be rolling out the following features for Rareboard:

  • Bulk Buying and Floor Sweeping
  • Intelligent Bids
  • Unstake to Accept Bids
  • List via Rareboard
  • My NFTs Page

We'll be publishing a full roadmap pretty soon as well - we've got some exciting news tied to that which still needs a little more work before it can be announced.

Finally, we want to say thank you to all the collectors, all the new projects and all the marketplaces that have worked with us to get this far.

If you have any feedback about the new UI/UX then join us in telagram at (opens new window)