Pundex Fellas Club

Get to know Mint on Rareboard: Pundex Fellas Club

# Pundex Fellas Club: an Introduction

Pundex Fellas Club is a collection of 3636 Rebellious Humanoids scattered across the Galaxies that need to land on BSC as NFTs to ensure their survival. Stake PFC NFTs to earn Pundex Fellas Coin that will be used within the PNDX Ecosystem for Exclusive PFC Merchandise redemption, future mint passes, WL spots and more! Holders of PFC are also entitled to the various perks offered through our International and Local Partnerships such as 10% -20% off all Tours in Bali and Surrounding Islands, 10% off all tattoos by an artist in Bali, Indonesia and perks at Suck My Stick Vapehouse, Ipoh, Malaysia.

Online utilities through Rafsans.com for WEB3 education, Angry Dragon for Business Mentorship, Dr J for Mental Health Advice and Baked Universe for Cannabis Education are also available to all PFC holders. Pundex Fellas Club has also delved into Augmented Reality elements with a Face Filter, Logo animation and Simple Game on our Instagram PundexFellasNFT.

# Mint and Trade Pundex Fellas Club on Rareboard

Pundex Fellas Club is now available on Rareboard.

You can mint a Pundex Fellas Club for 0.1 BNB per NFT.

1.25% of the volume for all Pundex minted on Rareboard (opens new window) will be used to sweep the PixelSweeper floor.

PixelSweeper (opens new window)is a collection of 10,000 robots, created by Rareboard, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders

Rareboard (opens new window) is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator that lets you find and buy the best NFTs from multiple marketplaces at no extra cost than buying direct on those sites.

Currently 25% of all revenue generated by Rareboard is being used to sweep PixelSweepers. That means you can support the PixelSweeper floor by minting and buying NFTs via rareboard.com (opens new window), at no extra cost to you

# Pundex Fellas Club Inspiration

Initially started as a joke as Punde is a swear word in the Tamil language ( similar to f*ck) and our artist created a Punde Fella as a meme. We saw something there and decided on creating a NFT project that represents us while providing value to the space through real world and online utilities. The longer horizon goal is to build a Web3 brand that becomes a real world lifestyle brand. Why are Pundex Fellas Humanoids? Because we feel like Aliens in our own country. Our team comes from various racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds yet we feel alienated and shunned by society for our love towards Cryptocurrencies.

# Pundex Fellas Club Utility

We offer holders real world utilities through our various international and local partnerships. Among them, 10 % off all Tours in Bali and Surrounding Islands through a 5 Star rated guide, 10 % off all Tattoos from our Talented Artist in Bali, Indonesia and perks at Suck My Stick Vapehouse in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Online utilities such as Web 3 education through Rafsan.com , Business and Start-up mentorships by Angry Dragon , Mental Health Education and Awareness by Dr J and Cannabis Education through Baked Universe are all available to holders as well.

We are also building a redemption mechanism in place where holders who stake their PFC NFTs will receive Pundex Fellas Coin that can be used to redeem Exclusive PFC Merchandise.

# Rarity and Ranking

For our collection, we have a few easter eggs in the art and will be using them in future plans as for ranking we will go with statistical ranking.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

Firstly, the gas prices on the BNB Chain are affordable for a vast majority of people living in this region of the world. It enables us not only to target BNB Chain users but also Normies that know nothing about crypto. We have and will keep onboarding people on the BNB Chain as it's accessible to the everyday person. Also the potential of NFTs on the BNB Chain becoming the next big thing. It just makes sense to position ourselves in a market that is yet to reach its true potential than try to survive in the oversaturated majority rug pull markets of Solana and Eth.

# Official Website


# Twitter

twitter.com/PundexFellasNFT (opens new window)

# Telegram

t.me/pundexfellaslounge (opens new window)

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