Born Bad Boys

Get to know PixelSweeper Community Vote Nominee: Born Bad Boys

# Born Bad Boys: an Introduction

BornBadboys are one of first NFT collection on BSC. Also, the first external collection listed on PancakeSwap and the first collection to allow NFT breeding on BSC.

This collection was sadly been abandoned by his developer but the community is about to take over the ownership. Stay tuned.

# PixelSweeper Community Vote

Born Bad Boys have been nominated by the PixelSweeper community for the chance to have their floor swept (opens new window) from the mint and trading revenue of PixelSweeper.

The vote opens on Jun 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you need to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at (opens new window)

# Born Bad Boys Inspiration

This collection was the first human PFP project on BSC. Inspired by the asian culture of retro gaming, BornBadBoys is the perfect PFP for an asian blockchain.

# Utility

BornBadBoys were used for breeding BornBadKids (with BornBadGirls).
Since the end of breeding, the only utility is as a PFP until the community takes over and creates a new one.

# Rarity and Ranking

There are 2 methods used by our Community:

1/ Rarity Score (RS) such as displayed on Rareboard (opens new window)
2/ Point of NFT, each NFT has a point number from 3 to 10. 10 are superboys (only 25 exist), 9 points are aliens, 8 are rare ones. 3 can also be attractive as they are pretty clean.

# Why Build on BNB Chain?

To be the first human PFP on this blockchain.

# Official Website (opens new window)

# Twitter (opens new window)

# Telegram

Reborn TG (opens new window)

# Marketplace

Rareboard (opens new window)