Why Launch NFTs on BNB Chain?

Take a look why some of the top NFT Projects in the space chose to build on BNB Chain

# Why Build NFT Projects on BNB Chain?

The PixelSweeper community just voted (opens new window) on which BNB Chain NFT projects they wanted to sweep the floors of.

The vote opened on June 6, and the three winning collections will have a total of $50,000 in BNB spent sweeping their floor.

In order to vote you needed to have your PixelSweeper NFTs staked at pixelsweeper.com (opens new window)

We spoke to the founders of 20 out of the 27 that were nominated, and we asked each one of them why they chose to launch their NFT project on BNB Chain.

This article gives you an overview of each of those projects, many of which are true OGs in terms of BNB Chain NFTs, and gives some insights into why they originally chose to build on this chain.

Read on to discover how BNB Chains NFTs isn't only about GameFi and Play to Earn...

# The Projects

First of all, let's take a look at PixelSweeper themselves. PixelSweeper is a relatively new collection on BNB Chain which sold out its $950,000 mint in 24 hours and has had more than 9500 BNB in trading volume in its first month since being live.

Revenue from the mint and trading volume is whats being used to sweep the floor of three more projects, on top of the 2400 BNB that has already been spent sweeping PancakeSwap's Pancake Squad (opens new window) collection for the PixelSweeper Prize Vault.

# PixelSweeper

PixelSweeper (opens new window) is a collection of 10,000 robots, who are busy sweeping the floor on BNBChain and redistributing the swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.

The PixelSweeper collection was created by the Rareboard team as a way of bringing the BNB Chain NFT space together, with one shared goal: sweep the floors.

# Why PixelSweeper released their NFTs on BNB Chain

As longtime members of the BNB Chain community, it was important to the team that we create a project that would truly provide value to the collectors of our NFTs as well as the space as a whole.

BNB Chain is by far the most popular chain for DeFi, with the millions of users on PancakeSwap dwarfing the use of similar services like Uniswap. We believe that in the same way the majority of users moved to DeFi on BNB Chain, that eventually the largest majority of NFT traders will be here. It's within all of us to build the tools, such as Rareboard (opens new window), to make this transition simple and affective.

Learn more about PixelSweeper, here (opens new window)

# Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes are 1,000 4K Resolution, 3D Generative Art Pieces living on the BNB Chain. Each Baked Potato NFT gives the holder exclusive access to Cannabis Educational Communities and Discussions within their ecosystem.

# Why Baked Potatoes released their NFTs on BNB Chain

The BNB NFT Community is an international one. Low gas fee’s, easily accessible platforms, and an Outstanding Grassroots Community that loves to educate await you on this particular chain. These are the core fundamental reasons we call it home. Because these fundamentals are what we strive to expel into this place many still call “The Wild West”.

Learn more about Baked Potatoes, here (opens new window)

# Bitpunks

It is impossible to describe Bitpunks to outsiders. You either feel them or you don't.

# Why BitPunks released their NFTs on BNB Chain

It is my web3-home.

Learn more about BitPunks, here (opens new window)

# Born Bad Boys

BornBadboys were one of first NFT collection on BSC. Also, the first external collection listed on PancakeSwap and the first collection to allow NFT breeding on BNB Chain.

This collection was sadly been abandoned by its developer but the community is about to take over the ownership. Stay tuned.

# Why BBB released their NFTs on BNB Chain

To be the first human PFP on this blockchain

Learn more about Born Bad Boys, here (opens new window)

# Cross Bosses

Cross Bosses—Generation 0—is a collection of 8,040 unique, 1/1 NFTs generated with various body types, backgrounds, glasses, eyes, mouths, hats, accessories, and more.

# Why Cross Bosses released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Most of our product stack (app.hotcross.com (opens new window)) is on BNB Chain so it felt like an obvious choice.

Learn more about Cross Bosses, here (opens new window)

# Degen Ape Club

A collection of 5,555 Original plus 5,555 Mutated Pixelated Degen Apes. They have Over 1,500 Holders and more than 2,400 BNB Volume Traded, making Degen Ape Club one of the top NFTs on the BNB Chain Network.

# Why Degen Ape Club released their NFTs on BNB Chain

As the founder of Degen Ape Club, I decided to make the BNB Chain my home because there was not yet a derivative project that I was aware of, and I had found an amazing pixel artist that I hired to be a part of our team. It felt like we belonged here and the last few months it continues to still feel that way.

Learn more about Degen Ape Club, here (opens new window)

# Doodle Apes

A derivative inspired by but not associated with Doodles and BAYC.

# Why Doodle Apes released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Size of network, ease of use, and reasonable gas fees.

Learn more about Doodle Apes, here (opens new window)

# EXO Warrior

EXO Warrior is a collection of 250 unique Hand-Drawn NFTs living on BNB Chain. Every EXO Holder gets access to exclusive benefits and a membership to Battleground – The VIP Lounge.

EXO PETS is the next collection being launched soon, which will consist of 255 more, unique 3D Hand-Drawn NFTs. They are a 100% community driven project.

# Why EXO Warrior released their NFTs on BNB Chain

The BNB Chain NFT community is close knit and very friendly. With extremely low gas fees, the BNB Chain offers huge potential for NFT projects. We are still early in this space and there is huge potential in the future if we all work together.

Learn more about EXO Warrior, here (opens new window)

# Ginger Bread Boys

Ginger Bread Boys is a unique set of generative artwork on BNB Chain. It features 4,012 NFTs in the collection and no two Ginger Bread Boys are the same. Ginger Bread Boys gives 5% BNB reflections to minters, with further utility still to be announced.

# Why Ginger Bread Boys released their NFTs on BNB Chain

We started our collection in the early days of BNB Chain. We've been around for seven to eight months now, and thought back then that: BNB Chain was emerging and the place to be in the future.

Learn more about Ginger Bread Boys (opens new window)

# Horror Ape Club

Horror Ape Club is a collection of 3,333 horror inspired Apes living on BNB Chain. Each NFT has its own life and backstory, with 126 unique traits and colors.

# Why Horror Ape released their NFTs on BNB Chain

HAC team has been supporting and holding BNB for many years. We believe BNB Chain is the future of NFT and will be supported further by HAC as time goes on. The low gas fee on BNB Chain are also very attractive.

Learn more about Horror Ape Club, here (opens new window)

# Josh the Flamingo

Josh the Flaming is a collection of NFT sets. They will continue launching unique sets (not more than 1,000) so their community can always have fresh content.

# Why Josh released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Because I believe the BSC has a great potential.

Learn more about Josh the Flamingo, here

# Little Ghosts

Little Ghosts are a collection of 10,000 2D/3D NFTs at center piece the Ghosts ecosystem. They function as your main character skin for their upcoming Greek Mythology and Underworld themed play-to-earn MMO game. Originating on BNB chain, the project has now bridged to CRO, ETH, FTM, AVAX, MATIC, and ONE.

# Why Little Ghosts released their NFTs on BNB Chain

At the time, ETH fees were way too high and other chains were not yet popular. BNB Chain was the easy choice. With that in mind, we have gone cross-chain to 6 other chains and will also allow these NFTs from different chains to be used in the game.

Learn more about Little Ghosts, here (opens new window)

# Neural Pepe

Neural Pepe (NP) is the genesis collection of the Neural Frens project with 7,777 AI-generated frogs that have been turned into NFTs. Some say that, wearing a Neural Pepe on your avatar increases your chances to get a girlfriend.

# Why Neural Pepe released their NFTs on BNB Chain

BNB was the most promising EVM compatible chain with low fees when we launched Neural Pepe in April 2021.

Learn more about Neural Pepe, here (opens new window)

# Oddblox

Oddblox is an on-chain generative art series. A verifiably random hash generates for each mint and serves as the DNA of that individual piece. The coded strand gives birth to the colors and shapes that produce the composition. The image itself is stored in an infinitely scalable form and lives forever on the blockchain.

# Why Oddblox released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Many chains have art-focused collections and platforms, yet none existed on the BNB Chain. We knew it was fertile soil to deliver something unique and true to what we value.

Learn more about Oddblox, here (opens new window)

# Psybulls

Psybulls is a collection of 5,555 psychedelic NFTs built on BNB Chain.

# Why Psybulls released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Low gas fees and a community that feels like family

Learn more about Psybulls, here (opens new window)

# Retro Boyz Association

The Boyz who live on BNB Chain that are waiting to find new home. It's a collection, where part of the income is distributed to holders through giveaways and part is reinvested into marketing and development.

# Why Retro Boyz released their NFTs on BNB Chain

BNB is always was and will be home.

Learn more about Retro Boyz, here (opens new window)

# Shitpunks

ShitPunks is a pioneer collection on Binance Smart Chain and the project that changed the tone of the NFT PFP space, as it was the first collection to provide its community with rewards. Hand-drawn and iconic, ShitPunks is a celebration of the NFT and crypto ecosystem and the project continues to lead the space with developments and innovation.

# Why Shitpunks released their NFTs on BNB Chain

We saw the potential of the BNB Chain as a great candidate for NFT collections where investors could be relieved of high gas fees and on a strong, quality blockchain.

Building out the BSC ecosystem (as it was called when we started) with NFTs just made sense to us. The investors here are some of the most enthusiastic people involved in the more community-focused and fun elements of blockchain technology, those with an interest in shitcoins (the term used for coins without elements of core functionality to blockchain technology such as meme coins, gaming tokens, and other projects that are passionately developing the side of the space that bridges the gap between code and society).

Learn more about Shitpunks, here (opens new window)

# The Living Dead

The Living Dead is a Collection of 5000 unique NFTs. 4980 common Zombies, 5 Special Zombies and 15 Hunters.

# Why TLD released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Because I myself have already been one year on the BNB Chain and I love how all the people work together here, and help each other. I wanted to be a part of this and since i have a few frens that have there own project here on BNB Chain it was already clear to start here.

Learn more about The Living Dead, here (opens new window)

# The Moon Walkers Club

The Moon Walkers Club is a fully community run DAO on BNB Chain following the departure of the original NFT collection developers.

# Why TMWC released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Community, growth, sustainability and reasonable gas fees to name a few.

Learn more about Moon Walkers, here (opens new window)

# Trippy Trunkz

Trippy Trunkz Ivory Club is a collection of 10,000 elephant cuties roaming the BNB chain. They are cute, but extremely dangerous and quite badass.

# Why Trippy Trunkz released their NFTs on BNB Chain

Our crypto journey started on BNB chain. We've formed many close relationships through the DeFi and NFT projects that we've been involved in. It just made sense to launch Trippy Trunkz where the community and our BNB family is. Plus, we are very early to the party.

Learn more about Trippy Trunkz, here (opens new window)